Client: BIKES is a fictive urban bike store based in Denmark. This project was an educational exercise with the purpose of granting a better understanding of the different elements and processes involved in a corporate identity/brand launch.

Purpose: BIKES are starting up, and they need a complete brand from scratch. They want to separate themselves from other bike stores by creating a tighter focus on the urban environment, and the young spirit. Additionally, they seek to be perceived as a quality-minded brand, but with low/discount pricing.

Solution: To accentuate the urban aesthetic and create distance from the stereotypical modern bike stores, a lot of grunge elements are brought into play. Emphasis on the boldness, texture, and gritty feel of concrete, asphalt and dirt to make the BIKES appear more grounded and hands-on, as well as support the brand strategy as a whole.

A valuable selling point for the younger demography is the adrenaline rush of dashing through the city streets on your bike, which is highlighted through dynamic imagery and shapes.





BIKES 056.jpg
BIKES 061.jpg

Discount sales magazine

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