Massive Motorsport is a competitive 24H Le Mans racing team from Denmark, managed by Casper Elgaard.
I was tasked with maintaining the team's visual identity/art direction and to help them develop it further.



Photographic Direction


When I first started working with the team, it became immediately apparent that the brand was suffering from bland and flat photography.

The default photographers that were supplied by the racing tracks had no connection to the brand - images were silent, distanced, and anonymous.

For  example, see the two images below.


It was imperative that the photographic direction
was made more explosive and gritty
 - in line with the brand's DNA.



So we had to do something, and photographer Marc Fluri was the answer. He was hired to travel with Massive Motorsport and get up close and personal.

Marc instantly understood the visual profile of the team, and with only minor directional cues he went in and shot some extraordinary photographs that were brimming with personality and dynamic. Exactly what the brand was craving.

I will add that Marc Fluri is a very competent photographer, and I definitely recommend his work. Visit his portfolio at https://www.marcfluri.com/


Paint Everything.


The main car was given a makeover that fit the visual identity better, and in connection with that it was requested that other surfaces follow suit.

The huge 14 metre truck, pit tools, cabinets, boxes, and everything else that the team was carrying. Everything needed a coat of paint.


pit branding

The tiny mechanical pit is incredibly cramped, and the tools cause a lot of visual noise and distraction for the crew.

Everything has a fixed place, so even if the tools were invisible, the team would still know where to find them. When we looked at branding opportunities for the pit, we decided to take advantage of this; Free up the visual clutter, and let the tools meld into the walls.