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Client: Rock City is a music store located in the heart of Aarhus, Denmark. They specialize in the sale and repair of guitars - be it either electric, bass, or acoustic - and have been doing so for the past 25 years. The staff consists of musicians entirely, and they offer a great deal of expertise and service.

Purpose: Rock City needed to communicate more clearly to their target demography, and show what the store is all about. Additionally, a more user-friendly and engaging website and advertising was needed to establish a stronger local presence, as well as compete with the vast amount of web-shops available.

Solution: A grunge influenced retro/vintage style of design was chosen to reflect their many years in business, as well as enhance the trustworthiness of the brand - with a modern edge for balance and contrast. It was important to emphasize that Rock City are veterans in the business, but still keep everything light, playful and dynamic.



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Tongue-in-cheek, humorous, and provocative are all important words that play an essential role here.

The intention is to bring out smiles and laughter, and reach out to people who understand and have an interest in music. Make them feel like they're part of a special group that can relate to the message.

The idea is based on the fact that guitars take a lot of time and money to learn and take care of - just like relationships. However, any musician knows that guitars have a lot of advantages over relationships ;-)
Powerful and eye-catching typography that stands out in an urban environment, with a short message that is quickly decoded.


Translated from Danish: 
"Guitars are better than relationships - Reason #34"
"A guitar has 11 G-spots" 
"Come to Rock City, where our staff will be happy to show you exactly where each one is."


The message can easily be adjusted, since it's entirely typographical. Making it more or less provoking, vulgar, or musically advanced is as simple as changing the "punchline". This allows for the message to come across smoothly in all environments and media with relatively low effort.

Below are examples of different "punchlines"/double entendres.

Reason #26 - "Turns on by the press of a button"

Reason #26 - "Turns on by the press of a button"

Reason #14 - "You're allowed more than one"

Reason #14 - "You're allowed more than one"

Reason #21 - "F# is always right by your hand"     (In Danish, F# is pronounced like a provocative word for genitalia, "Fis")

Reason #21 - "F# is always right by your hand"
(In Danish, F# is pronounced like a provocative word for genitalia, "Fis")

Reason #34 - "A guitar has 11 G-spots"

Reason #34 - "A guitar has 11 G-spots"